Hazem Hosny, Chairman of the Board of Directors of «HH Group» for import and export
And commercial agencies and supplies, that his company is negotiating a group of investors
The Saudis have opened a new power of attorney in Saudi Arabia, along with their physical presence

Turning to their increase of the company’s capital by about
50% over the past year, to rise to almost 4 million pounds instead of two million
Pounds, estimating the number of shareholders at about 5 individuals.

Saudi market Promising, especially in light of the slow pace of decisions witnessed by Egypt during the recent times The current result, as a result of the lack of clarity in the political vision, stressing that despite the establishment of the government Saudi Arabia, by granting the GPS service license, has also opened the door for Import from abroad.

It aims to focus on a diversified portfolio of products during the coming stage, most notably
Surveillance cameras, GPS devices and alarms still need obtaining the necessary permits.

Electronic alarm works by remote control, as it directly calls 3 Individuals, as well as sending warning messages to 6 others, in the event of any disturbances
External surrounding them.

Turning to the fact that the company was planning to acquire a market share estimated at 10% of the cars of tourism companies, which amount to about 800 thousand units.

The Company has succeeded in recovering about 200 cars since the revolution of January 25, 2011 until Now, pointing out that “Kia Cerato” and “Elantra” are the most vulnerable types of cars
For robbery and theft incidents by deciphering them using a computer.

The company has endeavored in several attempts to supply tracking devices to government agencies such as the Ministry Petroleum, and offered during the meeting with the company «Enppi» Petroleum installed the device within 20 Free car to avoid gasoline theft cases by observing their complete movements, and why there was no response, especially since the project vision is incomplete with the Ministry regarding this Connection.

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