The car was restored to the Eastern Company on June 27, 2012 and the recovery of goods that exceeded 900 thousand pounds and the arrest of the gang formation that exceeded 50 million pounds since the revolution of the cigarette company.

This was done by tracking the car from the moment of the theft and recording what It revolves inside and the car has been recovered from the remote place where it was left by the tracking device HH09 and the goods have been fully recovered by reviewing the places of the car stops and the conversations that took place inside and outside the car were recorded throughout the theft period and this is the No. 44 car that is stolen from the company and it is the only car That were recovered and the goods recovered. The neurological formation was fully captured and an investigation is underway to confirm the size of their theft of the company’s cars.

It is the latest, smallest and most powerful tracking device in the world with US components and the Hong Kong industry, which you can view through the company’s websites: – WWW.HH4TRACKING.COM WWW.HH4TRADING.COM HH Company for Import, Export, Commercial Agencies and Supplies.

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